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Ellen's YogaDance is a dynamic experience of inner rhythm and expressive movement.  It traces its roots to the free flow of yoga postures in Kripalu Yoga known as meditation in motion.  Based on the Chakras and the energy inherent in each, this guided expressive dancing allows you to open and flow with your innate joyfulness.  It is designed for all bodies, shapes, ages, for movement lovers, yoga students, teachers, body-workers and therapists.  It promotes mind body integration and encourages healing and spontaneity.  Have fun dancing to an eclectic soundtrack that simply begs your body to move.  Skills and experience are irrelevant.

don't abandon your body

Ellen McGeheeCome join Ellen in this joyful, easy-to-follow form of expressive dance, based on the chakras and yoga-like movement that is appropriate for all ages and abilities. This is the perfect class for people who love to dance but are turned off by complicated choreography. Ellen's YogaDance is an excellent opportunity to get out of your head and into your body as you move to the groove of eclectic music from around the world. You’ll begin to feel your vibrations lifting and energy increasing and becoming  happier and more alive. Give yourself this opportunity to step out and free your inner dancer. Start to feel confident in your body. Make an appointment with yourself...you deserve it! Dress to MOVE. No shoes required.

Ellen McGehee was awarded a 200-hour Kripalu yoga teacher certification from the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA.  Kripalu Yoga teacher training conforms to the national standards of the Yoga Alliance. 

Any BODY can begin a yoga practice at any stage of life or any fitness level. With a consistent practice of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing) you can experience many health benefits both physiological and psychological. Embodying the discipline of yoga allows us to be fully expressed as we honor or inner wisdom and invite deep peace and joy into our lives adding to our overall sense of well- being

Call Ellen at (870) 761-0187 or send her an email for more information.

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Ellen's YogaDance - Kripalu Yoga Dance for all ages and abilities

Ellen's  YogaDance is an easy-to-follow form of expressive dance, based on the chakras
and yoga-like movement that is appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Ellen McGehee is a  certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher based in northeast Arkansas and frequently travels to
Memphis, Tennessee; Little Rock, Arkansas; Fayetteville, Arkansas and surrounding areas.
She is available for private functions, birthday celebrations, church groups, etc. 

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